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I escaped bullying and became America’s #1 heavyweight boxer.

Cam Awesome really connected with our students on a level that they have never had before. We received much positive feedback from our students and staff from his interactive and very powerful message.

Kerry Cody
Principal, Thompson Middle School

Cam was engaging, interesting, funny and relevant, while providing very useful info. His experiences are things that everyone in the room could and should draw from.

Chad Dumas
Chad Dumas
Senior VP, ReeceNichols brokerage

Cam’s presentation was great! Our high school students were engaged and so responsive to his questioning strategies. He clearly connected with our students, even through the virtual setting of Zoom. We will definitely have Cam back in the future!

Carol Ruhm
Carol Ruhm
Principal, Orangewood High School

His presence was felt from the moment he stepped into the room. Thank you, Cam, for the motivation! I’ll make sure the next time I’m feeling defeated, I remember you told me to “get off my butt” and try again!

Sandra Tolbert
Sandra Tolbert
Real estate agent
Cam F. Awesome

How I became awesome…

My name wasn’t always Cam Awesome.

Growing up, I struggled a lot. Both academically and socially. After years of anxiety and bullying, I eventually joined a boxing gym in order to learn to protect myself.

I immediately fell in love.

Finally, here was something I could be great at. I threw my whole life into the ring, and dedicated myself to becoming the greatest boxer I possibly could.

Two years later, in 2008, I won the National Championship and became the #1 Super Heavyweight boxer in the nation.

Today, I am the Winningest Boxer in USA Boxing history, and I hold four Golden Glove Championships, six U.S. Championships, three PAL National Championships, six Ringside Championships, and three Olympic trials. My story was featured in the Netflix Original documentary Counterpunch.

No longer active in the sport, I now travel the country to share what boxing taught me: mental toughness, gratitude, cultural awareness, and how to develop a championship mindset.

“Funny, engaging, and inspiring. Cam blew us away.”

Watch me speak below.

Rolling Stone
The Washington Post
Photo of Cam F. Awesome smiling into the camera

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